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JB in makeup as the groom from “A Scandal in Bohemia”, being adorable with some local kids in the neighborhood where they were filming.

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1991 NPR (National Public Radio) interview with Jeremy Brett

The interview is split into two parts. You can listen to the second part here.

If you’ve never listened to this interview before, I encourage everyone to do so. It’s very revealing and Jeremy covers an array of topics from his interpretation as Holmes, his friendships with David Burke and Edward Hardwicke, the tragedy of his losing his beloved wife, his personal demons, and his craft as an actor. It’s also rather heartbreaking as at one point Jeremy asserts he’s going to complete the canon which - unfortunately - he never did.

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serazienne replied to your post: I covet your skull.
and then I found myself weirdly attracted to mr. brett (but aren’t we all)

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Jeremy Brett and Dame Maggie Smith, ladies and gentlemen.

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So, JLM’s Holmes intrigues me, in terms of What Came Before.

Because he is very, very Brett, in the sense of his flair for the dramatic, the eccentric-ness, the importance of every gesture and facial expression, the willingness to fling himself about if need be, but he’s also somewhat similar to Ron Howard’s Holmes, who is… goofy, at times, not particularly concerned about dignity. 

Which is why I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why people have trouble seeing him as Holmes.  Because he’s very much a part of the tradition.  He has his own take, his own aspects that he adds, and I suspect fifty years from now he’ll be referenced in his own way, but I can see the homage in his actions, and I don’t see him doing anything that is so utterly shocking, so completely outside of what Holmes IS, at his core. 

I mean, especially if you like Brett.  Seriously.

I never thought about it this way, but suddenly a lot of things are clicking in my mind and… yeah. Yeah.

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Jeremy Brett (3 November 1933 – 12 September 1995)