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Favourite moment from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Can we take a moment to realize that out of ALL THINGS TO POSSIBLY WATCH Steve watches Saw?

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Tumblr, you are showing your youth. That was NOT a reference to Saw.

That was a reference to WarGames, released in 1983. There is a massive military super-computer, similar to the one in this scene, named Joshua. One of the catch phrases from the movie is “Shall we play a game?” which is what Joshua says to his users, prompting them to select a game to play. One of those games is Global Thermonuclear War. By the end of the movie, the computer teaches itself that nuclear war is futile, prompting it to declare that the only way to win at war is not to play at all.

THAT is absolutely something that Steve Rogers would have been interested in seeing.

I remember thinking “Come on, of all the things Steve could have taken the time to see, he watches WarGames?”

Then I thought about it for another second. “Yes,” I decided. “He DEFINITELY watched WarGames.”