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Karen Gillan talking about her Doctor Who leaving party.

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Matt Smith & Karen Gillan singing the Doctor Who theme song

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(Many many thanks to incommandofaprize)

Clip of the quote posted earlier from Cultbox’s Q&A with Karen Gillan after the BFI screening of Doctor Who S7E1: Asylum of the Daleks

She’s one of us… ;)

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"He was so playful…"


Karen Gillan, Amy Pond in Doctor Who, on being asked: “Who’s your favourite guest star in these new episodes?”

“Rupert Graves was really amazing to work with because he is such a good actor but also kind of like a child? So we were just running around the set… He was so playful, so I really loved working with him.”

(from 2:01 in this video on Cultbox from the BFI preview screening of the first episode - if anyone could get a copy of the video or just this clip and submit it to GravesDiggers, I’d be very grateful!)